Quasimodo's Christmas Caper - Release 2 - Now available!

Quasimodo's Christmas Caper Release 2 is now available.  Anyone who has purchased the game it should have been added to your collection so you should be able to download the updated version at no charge - check your email for link details to download. 

Release2 changes

  • IMPROVEMENT: Reworking of the timer routines - I've decided to make the countdown timer routines more flexible and allowing me to set times more accurately in the game.  So, every level has been playtested again and the timings re-adjusted.
  • FIX: The timer display routines were being called too often and in too many places in the code.  This has been corrected and in addition, they are no longer updated as much.  This will free up extra raster time.
  • FIX: The previous timer routine had a bug in the code which would cause multiple calls to a sound routine more than it should have done which caused some sound clipping when the Game Over tune was called - effectively losing a channel.  This has now been fixed.
  • CHANGE: On Level Complete, the Elves despawn sounds can now be heard fully before the music starts.  This was how it was originally many months ago, but changed due to the moving of a few routines and a couple of STATE logic changes.  Now it has been corrected back the way I always wanted it.
  • FIX: Pressing RESTORE (which quits the game) in certain situations could cause unexpected side-effects if quitting at a time it made no sense to quit.  Extra checks have been enabled to stop this.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Some minor graphical tweaks to the Elves.
  • CHANGE: Some people had commented that the game was too quiet.  I've added a very short, low key background piece of music on 2 channels.  Now this may work in reverse and start to irritate some people, but if it does I may look to introduce another option to enable/disable music in-game (Release3).  I may extend the tune a little further.
  • ADDITION: a .d64 image will be included in the Release2 bundle along with the standalone .prg. 
  • CHANGE: reworking of the draw routine for the bitmap logo - still needs a further refinement.  NOTE: There is an intermittent raster glitch on the title screen - this will be fixed for (Release3).

Any issues please contact me either via this page or via my youtube channel.


QuasimodosChristmasCaper248r2.zip 52 kB
Jan 14, 2023
QCC_instructions248r2.pdf 171 kB
Jan 14, 2023

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Do I get automatic update if I purchased older version?

Yes, it should be in your collection - also look out for an email alert to say I've updated the game.  Any issues, let me know.  Thanks.